Rainer Krause

Consultant and
Interim Manager












More than two decades of professional experience in leading positions with responsibilities in Europe and Asia including:

  • European Technical Sales Force Manager, Chemical Catalysts Dept., Degussa AG
  • Production Manager, chemical catalysts, Degussa AG
  • Site Manager and Sales Manager, RAG Additive GmbH
  • Managing Director, Chemikalien Scheins GmbH
  • Lamination Film Unit Manager, LOFO High Tech Film GmbH


Interimmanager and business consultant since 2002


  • Used to work in international corporate structures 
  • Business acumen combined with technical know how
  • Industries: companies manufacturing technically ambitious products
  • Main areas of activity: sales & marketing; optimization of manufacturing operations
  • <<Projects>>
  • Professional languages: German & English (also: French, Italian)

<<Chemist (M.Sc. / Diploma University of Hamburg)>>

<<Certified Business Coach >>     <<(dvct)>>

I believe …

… real customer orientation, a culture of willingness to change and strict orientation towards profitability will achieve sustainable success.

It is this long term business success of my clients that counts.

This is what I strive for.
With determination and enthusiasm.
And with appreciation for people and their achievements.